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What We Do

We have more than fifteen years of experience in producing television projects in Morocco, from studio programs to documentary films, reality formats, documentary feature films, sport related stories and others. We will assemble the best local camera crews possible in Morocco for you to work with, and assure you the highest professional levels on all fronts.

  •  We Organize all the filming permits you require, to make sure your filming in Morocco runs as smoothly as possible.
  •  We fix everything you need for your scouting trip in Morocco & we coordinate your itinerary, and accompany you during all you recce in Morocco.
  •  We arrange any vehicles you need for your filming logistics in Morocco, whether it be cars, 4×4’s, or minibuses. We also organize other forms of transport, either for your crew or for the film itself – from planes to trains, and balloons to helicopters.
  •  We organize and book all your domestic flights and hotels. With our fixing background we can advise you on the most suitably located hotels and book them for you at a discounted rate.
  •  We can source and arrange any additional equipments you might need for your filming in Morocco.
  •  We translate any documents you might need, from Arabic or French to English, or English to Arabic or French, whether it be interview questions prior to your filming, during the shoot or interview transcripts after your shoot.
  •  We insure Budgeting, Scheduling & Call sheets. We provide production support staff including art department, make up, wardrobe, caterers and security.
  •  We can find the best extras, contributors, audience finding Accommodation to suit any budget.

See our “Production facilities“.