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Productions Facilities

Do you need a shooting permit to be arranged for your upcoming shoot in Morocco ? 
We arrange all your shooting permissions with the Moroccan Government. We’ll advise you. Whether your filming location is in a major city, small town, regional or national park we can organize the necessary consents and permits to allow your shoot to run smoothly.
Do you need a Scouting/Location before the shoot ? 
We provide a complete scouting trip services to any location around Morocco. With over 15 years experience filming in Morocco there’s not many places we haven’t been… and we’re always keeping an eye out for new and interesting locations.

Do you need to rent locally any TV or Cinema equipments?
 Even with our help to bring your equipment into Morocco through the Moroccan Customs, we can also be a source of any kind of equipments you may need to hire in Morocco.

Do you need shooting Crews? We provide any video, stills shoot or audio production with the professional crew and gear while keeping the budget low and using our accumulated experience to achieve an efficient and successful production. If your budget doesn’t extend to bringing your own crew to Morocco we can help out by arranging local crew who are experienced and professional.

Do you need to film in Morocco & get footage? We can research, set up interviews, shoot B-roll and film any pick up interviews you require. All footage can then be couriered or uploaded to your edit or sent by post. We often provide productions with a full package of services – from initial research to location scout (recce), coordination, filming and post production. In many cases, the director or producer are the only one traveling to Morocco, while we are responsible for the professional crew and production staff.
Do you need accommodation for your crew in Morocco ?
 Our local Fixers has contacts with the best hotels around Morocco ( 3-4-5 Stars hotels ) that could suit your budget in the country.
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Do you need Transportations & drivers?
 Minivans, 4WD vehicles and comfortable cars can be hired on a daily or weekly basis, including limitless mileage and open hours.