Wednesday 21st of February 2018 08:56:54 AM

Local Fixers

All our Fixers / Local Producers are very experienced in planning and producing documentary, corporate or commercial shoots around Morocco regions & Cities. Before the filming begins, the fixer will obtain all the necessary filming permits.

As a production fixers team we are dedicated to helping TV Crews from around the world to set up TV film, corporate, stills & advertising shoots. Coordinating very complex shoots in Morocco is our specialty. Whatever you need, no matter how big or small, We can fix it for you.

While the fixer is with the crew in the filming locations, he or she is constantly in touch with our office in Rabat (Morocco Capital), providing them with news alerts, logistical assistance and online research work when needed. We employs Moroccan fixers who are all experts in the field.

our local fixer will be coordinating your shoot in Morocco from the first email to the last day of the shoot and even until you take-off from Morocco and finish your project from editing Happy & very satisfied.

Spoken languages.
Our local fixers can be a coordinator, production manager, or field producer. All are fluent in English and speaks additional languages: French, Arabic and Spanish. Feel free to contact us.