Tuesday 20th of February 2018 05:09:33 AM

Looking for a Local Fixer in Morocco?

Does your film crew need Filming Assistance in Morocco? You’re welcome, you are in the right place. we are a professional team of Fixers working in Morocco since 1999: TV fixer, location manager, production assistant, ENG Crew… We can get your shoot sorted arranging: locations, permits, transport, equipment, accommodation, catering and all the support your production needs- right down to the last detail. Contact us.

Production Facilities

Do you need a Scouting/Location before the shoot ? Do you need to rent locally any TV or Cinema equipments? … Read more

Local Fixer in Morocco

All our Fixers / Local Producers are very experienced in planning and producing documentary, corporate or … Read more

What We Do

We have more than fifteen years of experience in producing television projects in Morocco, from studio programs to documentary films, reality formats, documentary feature films, sport related stories and others. We will assemble the best local camera crews possible in Morocco for you to work with, and assure you the highest professional levels on all fronts. Read more